Account Opening

Account opening APIs let you build online account opening right into your own experience. Plus, you will receive notifications every step of the way about the status of your customers so you can follow up as needed.

Account Funding

Account funding APIs let you create deposit and withdrawal capabilities through your advisor platform. No need to send customers to a third-party site to fund their account!

Account Information

Access all account information including positions, balances, gain/loss, orders and activity through modern purpose-built APIs making it easy to integrate with your own front-end experience.


Easy to use API for placing orders and allocating assets.

Tradier Brokerage Does All the Heavy Lifting For You

In partnership with APEX Clearing, Tradier Brokerage delivers custody, clearing, execution, and billing on behalf of registered advisors. Plus, we offer co-branded statements, confirms, emails and more!

With Tradier Brokerage, remove the cost and commitment it takes to launch a broker dealer.

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