Run real-time searches, trade from the chart and use the trading system to manage the position. Option Stalker is fast and powerful. Search for earnings plays, volume spikes, trends, compressions, reversals, breakouts, option liquidity, stock volatility and much more. Create custom scans in seconds using our binary interface. Once you have your candidate use the buy and sell arrows on the chart for entry and exit. Option Stalker includes library of videos to help you find trades. Of course it has all of the other features you would expect in a comprehensive trading platform, but the key to Option Stalker is its ability to quickly find trades. Test our proprietary indicators at http://www.oneoption.com.

  • Run our powerful searches
  • Create your own searches in seconds
  • Use our buy and sell signals
  • Trade from the charts
  • Day trade the S&P with 1 indicator

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