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Global AutoTrading provides automated trading ("autotrading") of investment newsletters to its clients, allowing clients to quickly act on newsletter alerts while they sleep, work or play. With the integration of Tradier's API, Global AutoTrading is able to quickly and reliably submit orders to Tradier Brokerage, Inc. as communicated by newsletter alerts.

  • Clients can select one or more newsletters to be traded in their account
  • Clients can choose (or change at any time) how much capital to allocate to each newsletter position using Global AutoTrading's web site.
  • Clients can monitor the trading in their account, and receive email trade confirmations and customer account statements from Tradier Brokerage, Inc. as well as weekly & monthly reports showing results grouped by newsletters.
  • Existing brokerage accounts can be used for autotrading, and clients can regain control of their account should they wish to stop autotrading
  • Global AutoTrading provides the fastest email alert processing time, helping get the best fill prices before others even have time to enter their orders


Global AutoTrading charges a flat per-service, per-account monthly fee for autotrading for accounts with less than $100k in equity:

The first service autotraded in an account is $70 per month; the second service costs an additional $30 per month; each subsequent service. costs an additional $10 per month. Some newsletters require more than one allocation line (for example, if the newsletter trades both stocks & options); each allocation line counts as a service for autotrading billing purposes. You are free to autotrade only stocks or options (or both).

For accounts with more than $100k in equity, a multiplier is applied to the per-service fees described above. The multiplier is the account's net liquidation value divided by 100,000. For example, an account with a net liquidation value of 150k USD autotrading a single service would pay $70 x (150k / 100,000) = $70 x 1.5 = $105 per month. The net liquidation value used will be the highest net liquidation value in the current calendar month.

If a client wants to use multiple accounts (with the same broker), the 2nd and subsequent accounts get 20% off of their monthly autotrading fee (whether they are trading the same newsletters or not).

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