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Hoadley Trading & Investment Tools is a leading provider of Excel-based options analysis tools. The toolset includes an Excel add-in and a range of Excel-based applications for advanced options strategy analysis, historical volatility calculation, implied volatility skew and surface analysis, position hedging, backtesting of option strategies and more.

  • Advanced Options Strategy Analysis, and order execution of single or mult-leg strategies through Tradier Brokerage.

  • Historic Volatility calculation using the GARCH model.

  • Implied volatility analysis of entire option chains, including volatility skew and volatility surface analysis

  • Open Positions Manager to keep track of, and analyze, open option positions.

  • A range of applications for advanced investment portfolio construction and analysis, including portfolio optimization, factor analysis, a full implementation of the Black-Litterman model, Value at Risk (VaR) and much more.


One-time low fee (no on-going subscription required) which includes free updates of any new versions for one year.


Support is provided via our contact web page:

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