Trade like the pros with Livermore's revolutionary mobile UI and algorithms. Draw your forecast and quickly get the highest performing options trade. Easily adjust your risk tolerance and confidence level. Livermore is a powerful engine behind a simple interface.

  • Draw your forecast:
    Swipe left on a chart to draw a forecast for your favorite stock. We skipped the number entry and date pickers and jumped to the most intuitive method possible.
  • Get an options trade:
    Our patent-pending algorithms simulate the options market and test millions of different strategies, presenting you with the highest performing trade. This is the best-fit and optimized trade for your forecast, risk, and confidence.
  • Customize risk and confidence:
    Easily adjust your max loss for the trade, as well as how confident you are in your forecast. A higher confidence in your forecast means you care less about how the market expects the stock to move.
  • Trade without the jargon:
    Options can be hard to understand, but not with Livermore. We boiled it down to plain English, simple enough for a beginner to understand. For those interested in more control, our limit price slider gives fine grain control over the order price.
  • Manage trades with clarity:
    View your trades as strategies instead of single legs. This makes it easier to understand profit/loss and close multiple legs at a time. You can also quickly and easily modify or cancel a pending order.




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