Livevol Core is engineered to give Tradier Brokerage, Inc. clients the essential tools for idea generation, investigation and execution. We've poured years of option market maker experience into our platform and refined it to provide visibility into option market activity. Monitor the market, track volatility and find your edge.
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  • Pro Scanner: 80+ pre-configured scans built to highlight price, volatility and order flow activity in the market
  • Proprietary Volatility Charts: Our volatility charts allow you to track our proprietary volatility indices over time through market moving events
  • Order-flow Statistics: Dissect daily market activity on every optionable equity and ETF
  • Dynamic Option Montage: Follow trading activity, volatility movement and open interest directly in the option montage
  • Sectors View: Analysis of option trading activity across all market sectors featuring unusual volume and volatility alerts, as well as, a yield comparison of at-the money covered calls


FREE with 30+ trades/month or 300 + contracts/month
$100/month with under 30 trades/month or 300 + contracts/month


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