MarketXLS provides access to billions of capital market and economic data points in Excel and seamless trading experience with hundreds of built-in functions, templates and utilities. This eliminates the time required for data gathering and analysis so the investors can spend their time on investing and research. Our customers report that they save at least 15 minutes per interaction. Investors use spreadsheets for analysis all day, MarketXLS brings an integrated trading and investing experience to the investor’s spreadsheets.

  • The current and historical data in Excel for:
    • 13,574 Stocks & their Options
    • 26,802 Mutual Funds,
    • 9,601 Crypto Currencies combinations
    • 3119 ETFs
    • (Default coverage is US & Canada)
  • Hundreds of valuation models and option strategy templates
  • Web based stock and crypto screener
  • Hundreds of economic indicators in Excel (FRED)
  • Custom analytics and stock rankings


UNLIMITED, Research, Screening, Commission-Free Options & Equities Trading, and Track Right From Excel for $97 per month.

Customers get real-time and historical data for stock, ETF, options, mutual funds, crypto-currency, and economic datasets; direct to your Excel spreadsheet on a Windows computer, and get unlimited stock and option trades directly from Excel with Tradier.

Price includes all data, 1000’s of functions, and 100’s of templates.

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