Option Alpha

Fully automated trading for options or stocks with no coding required.
Automate entire strategies making decisions based on technical indicators, recurring events, time until expiration, profit-taking and stop-loss levels, and so much more.
Research ideas, automate strategies, and make smarter trades with Option Alpha’s automated trading platform. It's that simple.

  • Create automated bots that trade for you with no coding required.
  • Use natural language recipes to tell your bots what to look for, what to filter out, how to enter/exit positions, and so much more.
  • Build your own backtests and test different timeframes and capital allocations to fine-tune your trading strategy.
  • Discover new strategies, share ideas with bot templates, and discuss opportunities by surrounding yourself with a community of thousands of traders as passionate about trading as you are.
  • Start with pre-built bot templates so you don't have to build strategies from scratch, and clone bots or automations quickly and easily with just one click.


Starter - $129/mo or $828/yr (50% discount)
  • 10 Bots
  • $20k max capital per bot
  • Community access
  • No backtesting access
Pro - $199/mo or $1,188/yr (50% discount)
  • 25 Bots
  • $50k max capital per bot
  • Community access
  • 100 backtests per month
Elite - $399/mo or $2,388/yr (50% discount)
  • 75 Bots
  • $100k max capital per bot
  • Community access
  • 500 backtests per month


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