Orion Multi-Trader

Orion Multi-Trader (OMT) is a high-performance, easy to use, customizable trading platform for active stock and options traders. OMT easily adapts to your style of trading and can simplify and/or automate many mundane aspects of your trading day.

  • Highly customizable interface for broad range of trading styles
    • Create and use multiple workspaces
    • Component linking
    • Drag components outside the application frame
  • Powerful charting with large set of technical indicators
    • Trade from the charts. Track and modify/cancel open orders.
    • Leverage a wide array of drawing tools
    • Open as many charts as you want with different timeframes
    • Export chart data to a .csv file
  • Create automated strategies without programming
    • Design your customized trading strategies
    • Execute your systems with a single click
    • Monitor multiple strategies simultaneously
  • Trade from anywhere in the application
    • Access all the trading capabilities from wherever you are
    • Trailing stops, OCO/OTO orders
  • Options trading and analytics
    • Options Greeks
    • What-if risk analysis
    • Option chains


Special Offer: All users who sign up prior to August 1st will receive commission free trading on Orion for $40 a month, a discount of $10 off of the regular price.

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