With Quotail, you can perform deep analysis of the equity options market starting with the truest form of sentiment, the trade data itself. Quotail features a real-time and historical trade execution scanning engine, along with a rich set of visualizations and time series analysis tools. No coding required.
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  • Trade execution scanner
    Develop custom scans iteratively over real executed trades in the past. Employ over 40 different scan criteria spanning the stock and options market to hone in on just the trades that match your strategy.
  • Real-time trade alerts
    Jump in on the action when trades that match your scan are executed with our real-time alerting.
  • Rich time-series analysis tools
    Intuitively view historical options trade activity through Quotail’s set of analysis tools. Uncover patterns of accumulation over time and graph the results
  • Options Watchlist
    Monitor repeat activity on contracts of interest with the options watchlist.
  • Options Volume Heatmap
    Highlight unusual options trading, broken down by sector and industry, via the Heatmap. Get a bird’s eye view of all the options activity in the market.


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