Screenulator provides daily screening for over 19,000 stocks on Classical Chart Patterns, trendlines and technical indicators. Interactive Stock Charts (ISC) is and intuitive and advanced charting application -- supporting desktop Java and Android platforms -- and a convenient way to manage your portfolio, run a chart analysis and access to Screenulator screeners. By integrating with Tradier Brokerage, ISC users can now conveniently place real trades directly from the ISC app without opening a separate brokerage app. And all with the just the touch of a finger.

  • Chart pattern screening for over 19,000 U.S. and international stocks. Chart patterns include trendline support, resistance, head and shoulder, double tops, channels, wedges (triangular consolidation), flat channel breakouts and rounding bottoms. Screenulator also supports various basic technical indicators such as RSI, MACD and stochastics, and volume analysis screening.
  • Customize your own screeners by combining chart pattern, TA indicators, and basic price statistics.
  • Interactive Stock Charts is the industry leading charting application (supporting desktop Java and Android platforms), and an intuitive and convenient way to manage portfolio, chart analysis and access Screenulator's powerful screeners!
  • Interactive Stock Charts Android app is an interactive charting app which allows users to pan, scroll, pinch zoom and draw various overlays with the touch of a finger.
  • With a Tradier Brokerage account place live trades from within ISC app and charts without having to opening a separate broker app.


Users signup to Tradier Brokerage by Screenulator - Referring will receive $50 credit

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