SlashTraders provide a complete set of options screeners to find high probability and profitable option entry points in seconds. SlashTraders use fundamental analysis to share Fair Values of all the best stocks. The unique algorithms can spot upward trends as they happen to help you time the market to perfection.

  • Timing is everything
    SlashTraders’ unique algorithms can pinpoint upward trending stocks so you can time the market with high probability option trades.
  • Complete transparency
    SlashTraders share real, live trading account with members and provide instant trade alert emails of real high probability trades.
  • High probability and high return entry points
    SlashTraders scanners all optionable symbols for high probability and high return short Iron Condors and Strangles to help you profit from neutral strategies consistently.
  • Buy the dip with confidence
    SlashTraders’ unique technical analyses help you find heavily undervalued stocks that have bottomed out, so you can execute bullish option trades with confidence.


Tradier members have exclusive access to a special trial of $1 for 30 days of complete access to SlashTraders membership.

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