Stock Pilot

The Stock Pilot platform offers an auto-trading service to experienced traders and common investors. With trading becoming more accessible to the everyday investor we would like to give access to the complex trading strategies that only hedge funds provide.

  • AutoScaling
    This is one of the scaling features provided that allows investors to use the most of their available funds when copying trades.
  • SMS Alerts
    As trades are sent through the auto-trader. The alerts are also sent in text format to the investors via SMS, Discord, and Telegram.
  • Dashboard
    Both the trader and subscribers are equip with their own dashboard where they can place trades and view their position and order statuses.


Our pricing is a bundle of the Stock Pilot software fee and the Pilot's trading fee.
Stock Pilot software fee: $100/mo
Pilot's trading fee: Typically range from $50 - $500/mo


Phone: (484) 643-3848

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