Trade Unafraid

Trade Unafraid is a unique and powerful trading platform that executes your Trade Plans with speed, precision, and discipline. Without writing code, you can create automated Trade Plans which manage risk, take profits, and trade multiple setups at the same time, while still maintaining the ability to take manual control at any time.

Trade Unafraid can help new traders get over the learning curve and assist experienced traders in juggling multiple opportunities without getting overwhelmed.

  • Build versatile, reusable Trade Plans based on setups, filters, entry tactics, and exit tactics. They will be followed without emotion or hesitation.

  • Analyzes option spreads to select the tightest spread from the options that you have selected.

  • Highly sophisticated Dynamic Position Management monitors stock price, option price, and position P&L, trailing stops, and taking profits along the way.

  • Your own server located in New York. Trades are executed from your server, not your computer. You can shut down your laptop and let your Trade Plans execute.

  • Accepts and monitors multiple, complex “contradictory” orders. A variety of tactics can all be active at the same time, because the software manages all orders in real time. For example, detect a reversal and exit early without taking a full loss, exit your option position based on movement of stock price, automatically move your exit to breakeven, and much more.


As an introductory offer for our Tradier users, get your first two months at the discounted rate of $50 per month. Simply use the promo code TRADIER at checkout.


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