TradeHawk is a cutting-edge stock and options trading platform built by professional traders with the active, retail trader and investor in mind. This intuitive, easy-to-use platform comes to you from OptionEyes, LLC (OE). Tradier Brokerage and OE are teaming up to offer TradeHawk, a comprehensive trading and risk system with unlimited, commission-free stock and options trading!* Sign up today, get a FREE 30-day trial, and Trade with Vision!*
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  • Hawk Central Command
    Provides access to all execution, alerts, risk, and analysis tools. Intuitive order tickets that offer one-click stock and option order entry. Preview mode available.
  • Proprietary "What If"?
    Allows for advanced simulation and analysis of positions and strategies to assess P&L and Greek risk with the flexibility to adjust for changes in volatility, time, interest rates, and underlying price movement. Orders can be previewed prior to entry to assess impact on portfolio upon execution.
  • Spread Builder and Spread Log
    Create, assess, and execute multi-legged orders from a single spread ticket with minimal mouse clicks. Track and monitor your spreads and add them to the spread ticket when ready to execute!
  • Risk Portfolio
    Monitor real-time risk and P&L from the macro-portfolio level to a single option series. Color-coded alerts help identify risk and P&L thresholds. Create stock, option, and spreads from the the Risk Portfolio to submit to the market.
  • Volatility Workshop
    Create volatility curves to price options across different expirations. Color-coded display of undervalued and overvalued options based on your custom curves.


Stocks only

Stocks and Options

  • UNLIMITED, commission-free stock trading*
  • 30-day FREE trial with unlimited, commission-free stock trading
  • Free real-time market data
  • Stock Tower: vertical display and trade ticket for entering stock orders one-click and preview mode available
  • Sirocco Stock Scanner: alerts of unusual stock price activity
  • All updates and new features for stock trading
  • Stock Charting: send orders from the chart
  • Real-time risk portfolio
  • UNLIMITED, commission-free stock AND options trading*
  • 30-day FREE trial with unlimited, commission-free stock AND option trading
  • Free real-time market data
  • The Wisp: the options montage. Vertical Tower of option expirations
  • Volatility Workshop: manage your own volatility curves for pricing options
  • Sirocco Stock Scanner: alerts of unusual stock price activity
  • Stock Charting
  • Spread Builder: order ticket to create multi-legged option spreads
  • Spread Log: create and save personal spreads to monitor and send later
  • What If?: position and strategy risk simulator. Analyze risk in a position or strategy measured against changes in time, volatility, interest rates, and stock price. Table and Graph view
  • Risk Portfolio: real-time Greek risk and P&L
  • OptionHunter: scan for unusual option activity using various filters
  • Pilot: Preset Intraday Limit Order Trader. Auto-manage your portfolio and close positions based on your settings
  • All updates and new features for stock and options trading

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