TradeHawk is a cutting-edge stock and options trading platform built by professional traders with the active, retail trader and investor in mind. This intuitive, easy-to-use platform comes to you from OptionEyes, LLC (OE). Tradier Brokerage and OE are teaming up to offer TradeHawk, a dynamic, comprehensive trading and risk system with UNLIMITED stock and options trading for the low monthly price of $297.99*. Sign up now and get a Free 30-day trial of TradeHawk with unlimited stock and options trading.*
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  • TradeHawk
    The Central Command Center provides access to all execution, alerts, risk, and analysis tools. Create and save multiple layouts for trading ease.
  • Proprietary What If?
    Allows for advanced simulation and analysis of positions and strategies to monitor P&L and Greek risk with the flexibility to adjust for volatility, time, interest rates, and underlying price movement.
  • Spread Builder
    Assemble, assess, and execute multi-legged orders from a single ticket with simple, intuitive mouse clicks.
  • Risk Portfolio
    Monitor real-time risk and P&L from the macro portfolio level down to an individual option series. Color-coded alerts signal when user-defined risk parameters have been exceeded. Click to trade from the Risk Portfolio. Pilot (Preset Intraday Limit Order Trader) automated risk management tool coming soon!
  • Stock Scanner
    Proprietary stock scanning signals allowing click to trade functionality. Unusual option activity scanning coming soon!


$297.99 per month for a TradeHawk license at Tradier Brokerage which includes:

  • Commission-free stock and options trading! Provided by Tradier Brokerage.*
  • All updates and new features
  • FREE 30-day Trial on TradeHawk with UNLIMITED stock and option trading.*

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