Option Trading Simplified with UpLeg. Our simple interface allows you to easily compare and trade multiple strategies. It’s 30% faster when it comes to Options trade compared to any other applications. UpLeg is the easiest trading app that provides ready-to-use Options strategies. Boom, Boom, Boom - Options Executed!

  • State of the art trading app
    UpLeg uses the latest technologies to provide a uniquely easy trading experience that is suited even for the most inexperienced users.
  • 3-Click Execution
    UpLeg has more than 50+ pre-built options strategies that are 3 clicks away from being employed and present a unique opportunity to newcomers to get the most out of options trading potential.
  • Real-Time Visualization
    Options builder screen offers real-time visualization feature that makes it easier to access the potential of the strategy.
  • Strategy Sharing
    UpLeg App allows its users to share the unique trading strategies that they create and thus increase social trading engagement.
  • One-Click Buy
    UpLeg’s app provides one click execution possibility that further simplifies user experience.


$9.99 for Standard Trading - 6 months free trial
$19.99 for Pro trading - 6 months free trial


Email: support@upleg.app
Phone: +1.321.222.9877

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