Wootrader is an intuitive and easy to use stock picking platform that helps you start picking stocks in as little 5 minutes and then, step-by-step helps turn you into an investing pro. Research, Buy, and Sell stock positions all from the same platform.
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  • Easy to use - from the home page you can see a ranked list of stocks to pick from and can start investing right away
  • No need to learn indicators and screeners such as P/E, MACD or Options Volatility - Wootrader automatically selects the best performing screeners in the current markets.
  • Investigate the strong and weak points of each company - from profit margins, cash flow cycles and analysts targets to technical price analysis.
  • Start using Wootrader in under 5 minutes - from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Budding Investor: $19.9/Month

Advanced Investors: $49.00/Month

Investing Advisors: $149.00/Month

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